How a Bottle of Moisturiser Won Us a New Client

There’s plenty you can find out in a few hours behind an office reception desk. People’s weekend plans, Tinder fails and who not so spill any GoT spoilers to. But occasionally you get the odd surprise. This was my experience when a new client of the Teamsquare space let me know that the Thankyou moisturiser at our front desk was the reason they decided to sign up for an office from at our Bourke St location. Stocking ethical and sustainable products has become a big topic in offices over the last few years and just goes to show what a difference it makes. Here are a few of our favourite companies that let can help you put your money where your mouth is!

Who Gives A Crap

Launched in 2012 with a fair amount of cheek, Who Gives A Crap is the toilet paper company building toilets. The company flushes 50% of their profits into sanitation projects around the world, raising standards of living for those that need it most. They estimate that more people in the world have a mobile phone than access to a toilet, something to think about next time your scrolling through your feed on your bathroom break. Delivered right to your door and wrapped up in whimsical packaging, all Who Gives A Crap products are all created using 100% recycled paper, bamboo or sugar cane with some toilet humour thrown in for good measure.

Thank you has a wide range of ethical products.


Launched by a group of friends in response to the World Water Crisis, Thankyou is easily one of the most recognisable and celebrated ethical manufacturers in Australia. The company’s original product, bottled water, tapped into an industry worth around $600 million a year and funnelled profits straight back into sanitation and clean water projects for low income communities. As of February, the company supports over 800 communities across 17 countries and now boasts an extensive product range. Thankyou’s unique web app, Track Your Impact, allows you to follow which project your individual purchases are helping to fund. If that doesn’t hit you right in the feel goods, we don’t know what will! You can help support Thankyou by purchasing a copy of Chapter One or any of their products online, their lime and coriander hand lotion is our pick of the bunch!

The Fruit Box

Helping Teamsquare members avoid the siren song of the snack aisle, The Fruit Box Group delivers us fresh, seasonal and locally sourced fruit daily. With minimal food miles going into their deliveries, the service promotes a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the big supermarket chains. This year they launched One Box, an initiative to supply Australian families in need with fresh produce. The program now delivers essentials like veggies, fruit, milk and bread to 1,000 families. With plans to expand the program, this in one service we can certainly go bananas for.


Us Melbournites have a well-documented reputation when it comes to our coffee, some say it’s snobby, others opt for discerning. Here at Teamsquare we prefer our morning macchiato (and all the mugs that follow it) using Grinder’s Fairtrade beans. From humble beginnings on Melbourne’s Lygon St, Grinders is now the largest supplier of Fairtrade coffee in Australia. The Fairtrade Coffee Certification Program ensures farmers in the developing world are paid a fair and stable price for their coffee beans. Purchasing Fairtrade coffee results in safer working conditions, community development and more sustainable farming. No beans about it, if you’re supplying an office with this magic elixir, Fairtrade is a no-brainer.

There are no shortage of companies producing amazing products that can help you reduce your environmental impact and support communities in need. Here at Teamsquare, we’re big believers that profitability can’t come at the expense of operating ethically. If you’re a member, feel free to swing past the front desk and let us know if you have any recommendations.