Why you should outsource your SEO work to an agency

The importance of search engine optimisation in marketing cannot be understated. For example, 65 percent of businesses state that getting leads and website traffic is a huge challenge. However, SEO is not something you can do for a few hours per week and then be done with it.

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When you outsource your SEO work to an agency, you gain knowledgeable assistance, save time and enjoy stronger results. To that end, here are five reasons to contract out your SEO work.

1. Cut out the recruiting and hiring time

It is doable to hire people knowledgeable in SEO and digital marketing, but that takes time. Furthermore, the person doing the hiring must be well-versed in SEO to perform quality candidate assessments. On the other hand, agencies already have competent and knowledgeable staff on board. They take care of posting job ads, interviewing, hiring and the like.

2. Gain flexibility

With an agency, you gain scalability, meaning that you can have, say, a hundred people working on SEO and content creation for a massive project. It may be possible to finish in two weeks what would otherwise have taken two months. Likewise, you may choose to have only one or two people working on your project during a quieter time. This type of flexibility comes in many variations; you can even opt for some of your SEO in-house, with outsourcing for certain projects or while certain personnel are on leave.

3. Benefit from expertise

Search engine optimisation is an ever-changing business. It is the job of an SEO agency to stay on top of these vagaries and to sort what’s genuine from the misconceptions. This frees up time for your in-house personnel to focus on matters they do best. For example, if you are thinking about completely outsourcing your SEO marketing, there is no need to hire or train someone. If you seek a hybrid approach, you can rest assured that the agency will collaborate with your personnel; they learn from each other.

4. Get better SEO results

Stronger results are a natural byproduct of working with experienced and competent people. Back to the 65 percent figure in the introduction — your business should see quality traffic and leads as a result of its SEO efforts. These results also come from the fact that you can do more in a smaller time frame and venture out of your comfort zone to try new projects.

5. Achieve cost effectiveness

Outsourcing work to agencies is cost effective in several ways. You save money by not having to hire personnel or give them benefits, and you can try out a variety of projects for little financial risk.

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