How to throw a Christmas party your staff will love

Coming up with a Christmas party your staff will love is no small feat. We all know what it’s like when employees try to get out of the party before it’s even started.


The Christmas parties your staff will love and remember will be the ones where they truly relaxed, forgot the daily stresses and felt welcomed. It strengthens bonds of teamwork and collaboration when workers feel they can have fun together.

Here are a few tips for getting the Christmas festivities right.

Make It a Day Party

Why not host your party during lunch, rather than having the usual evening affair? This way, everyone can enjoy a good chunk of the day before retiring to their families and a relaxing evening. On another note, this also helps to lessen everyone’s alcohol intake.

Don’t Get Stuck in Routines

Choose exciting themes, or have your committee think of festive perks and games. It’s rumoured that Google spent $300,000 on their holiday party, but if you can’t afford to splash cash like that, then hire caricature artists like they did to entertain. Another great idea is a photo booth with wigs/costumes/hats/glasses to add some fun to your party. Or make your own DIY photo booth to save on the budget. Boston Consulting Group went fancy one year by throwing an MTV-themed party.

Let Your Staff Invite Family

This can be a good time to get to know each other’s families and create greater circles of unity. You’re striving for teamwork on a corporate level, and nothing bonds people together like family affairs. So let them invite their spouses and kids to the party, and then provide a kids’ room and babysitters for activities while the parents relax. Or do like IKEA does, and throw an annual Christmas party just for their co-workers’ children.

Organise a Buffet or Open Bar

The best food and drinks your budget can provide still need a good handful of staff serving them. To ensure everyone on the team gets to relax, why not go out someplace where others are serving your workers?