5 platforms to help you stress less

Like many things, stress is beneficial in small doses but unhealthy in excess. The one thing we all know is that it is inevitable.

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Even though technology has a reputation for worsening our stress levels, there are several helpful platforms out there to help manage stress. There are apps to help with productivity, prioritisation, task management, time management, mindfulness and more. Best of all, most of these platforms have a free trial option.

Here’s a list of our top five platforms to help you stress less. Test out their pros and cons before deciding which one is best for you.


Made for project management, Trello is versatile because you can use it both for personal organisation, and when managing an entire team project. Its interface looks like a whiteboard with post-it notes, which is easy on the eyes. It gives you a good perspective for keeping track of the tasks that need getting done.

Pros: Free, flexible, fast and easy to use
Cons: Not for typing documents


Evernote is a favorite for those who love taking notes but can’t seem to file them all in one place. This service syncs all your notes across every device you want and allows you to search easily. There have also been extra features added over the years with different tiers and prices.

Pros: Great minimal design, works across multiple platforms
Cons: Microsoft Word formats don’t work with Evernote, editors may want better features.


Think of this one as a gym for the mind. Headspace has simple guided meditations that claim to relieve anxiety. With a few minutes of your day set aside to focus and prioritize, it can change the way you go about your day. Meditation has also proven to help you get more sleep, which we all could use more of!

Pros: Learn to breathe properly, you can meditate with friends virtually
Cons: Some users report it being too repetitive.


There are times, in the midst of our hurried days, that we need to stop and stay in the present moment. The Moment app is a tracker for those who need to keep their digital life in check. It notifies you if you’ve been on your iPad or iPad a little too long each day.

Pros: Being reminded to keep everything in balance encourages quality family time.
Cons: You may not need this if you can track your own phone use. Can get costly.


Awareness is the first step to create positive change. So, for those who need help in that area to prioritize quality time and reduce anxiety, Pacifica is a wonderful app. You record your daily activities, and the app identifies which ones are triggering unneeded anxiety. Track your sleep analysis and workouts in the Health section.

Pros: Much cheaper than going to a psychologist to get stress management help or cognitive behavioral therapy sessions.
Cons: Can run a bit slow

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